Shouk World ISPD

Based in Lisbon-Portugal, Shouk World ISPD is a joint venture that englobes the multinational ISPD Group and the global holding Shouk World.

SW is a company listed on the NASDAQ, and is in control of more than 17 other companies and has offices all over the world: Frankfurt, NYC, Lisbon, Muscat, London, Brussels, Hong Kong, among others.

Covid19 Emergence

With the COVID19 crisis in China as in the world, our health and safety department grew by 200% and worldwide needs increased and mainly for strategic partners who can accompany the supply of hospital and personal protection equipment during this period, but also in post-crisis.

Such growth has resulted in the acquisition of several factories, in addition to massive investments in international hospital networks, and collaborations with organizations at a global level. We are grateful to report that we are currently suppliers to the United Nations, NATO, various ministries of health such as the United Arab Emirates, the National Health Unit in the United Kingdom, various pharmaceutical chains in Oman, King Fisher, and many other references.

Shouk World Flagship Companies

Shouk World is a Group of Companies in a variety of sectors, such as trading and shipping, healthcare, building materials, finance and fintech, furniture, social media marketing, and PR, Executive Education International. We value disruptive innovation, efficient execution, and effective communication. We take interest in companies aiming to achieve sustainable, profitable, and international growth.

Some of the sectors we operate:

• COVID19 PPE and Pharmaceutical

• Trading & Shipping

• Building Materials

• Finance and Fintech

• Solar

• Investment

• Social Media Marketing and PR

• Executive Education

• International Development Consultancy

• Real Estate and Furniture

The world's most professional Capacity Building and Consultancy Headquartered in Brussels.

Since the foundation in 2008, the ISPD is Europe’s leading academic institution solely dedicated to Academy, Training and Consultancy in International Protocol, Soft Diplomacy, Business Protocol, Official Events, Cross-Cultural Intelligence and Corporate Diplomacy. We combine these fields to bring participants a unique range of study programs designed and developed by academics from a multi-cultural and interdisciplinary perspective.

ISPD Security & Governance provides services based on capacity building in protocol and diplomacy across cultures on the one hand and EU security and governance on the other. We became the leading multi-disciplinary services provider in Policy Intelligence, Writing & Broadcasting, Executive Education, and Consultancy in the field of Security.

The Lion Financial Group incorporated in the beginning to serve the huge and increasing demand of the Chinese to invest overseas and now developed a vision to become the “Exchange of Exchanges,” an all-in-one global financial exchange based on blockchain technology.

Lion Financial Group is headquartered in Hong Kong with over 200 employees based in the head office and operating offices such as Shanghai, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur. We are branching out to Dubai, London, and Silicon Valley (US) in 2018. Our licensed businesses are mature and they include securities, futures, derivatives, wealth and asset management, foreign currency exchange, and insurance brokerage. As of now, we have over 300,000 (growing rapidly and steadily) high-net-worth clients and serve many financial institutions.

Soci Link Listed is an authorized agency partner of Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Bing, etc. Clients range from Chinese government bureaus, airplanes, car companies, leading tech companies to small businesses.

Linked Media is a Sole Agency Partner of LinkedIn in China Media Partner of China Big Data Expo (, one of the highest-caliber technology conferences in China.

Altop Facade Co., Ltd. specializes in such building exterior products as glass curtain walls, doors and windows, aluminum and (e.g. well mashrabia), steel as stainless steel panels structures as products.

Altop Facade Co., Ltd. specializes in such building exterior products as glass curtain walls, doors and windows, aluminum and (e.g. well mashrabia), steel as stainless steel panels structures as products.

Hubei SKW Industries Co. Ltd.

Hubei SKW Industries is among the official list of suppliers to CNPC and Sinopec. We have established stable and extensive distribution networks for oil and petrochemical products in China. As of 2017, our trading volume is around 0.6 billion USD.

Partner Companies

Founded in 2001, Suntech has supplied over 22GW photovoltaic modules to more than 100 countries. As a leading photovoltaic manufacturing company, we specialized in the research and production of crystalline silicon solar cells and modules, and always dedicated ourselves to the improvement of production technology, and also the R&D technology to ensure the most reliable and highest quality to our customers. We aim to become the most trusted PV company through continuous innovation and excellent management.